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EB Pro Foot Bath

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may be toxic, meaning your body is having problems eliminating waste products from your body.  Symptoms include bad breath, constipation, frequent congestion, general pain, feeling sluggish, headaches, gas, frequent colds, skin problems such as rashes or pimples, pain in the back or joints, excessive sleeping, changes in urination, etc.  There are many symptoms of being toxic.  The question is how do we improve our health if our body is toxic.

Toxins are generally eliminated through the kidney, liver, skin or lungs.  When toxins build up in the body the organ systems begin to break down and normal function is lost.  A good Detox program can assist the body to eliminate these toxins.



Our Chiropractic office utilizes the EB Pro to help detoxify the body.  The EB Pro is a machine that helps the body in eliminating these toxic waste such as heavy metals, by utilizing the acupuncture meridians in the feet to send a mild electrical charge through the body that vibrates the matrix of the body then with osmosis helps to remove the waste from the body into the footbath.   Most people are amazed at the changes in the water when an electrical charge is utilized.  The changes in the water vary with every person and the charge that is applied.


If you are having pain, feel tired and sluggish or have any other symptoms that are progressively getting worse such as fibromyalgia, headaches, joint pain etc.,  or have been told that you have signs of toxicity try the EB pro.  It has helped many people just like you.

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