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      Dr. Roland B. Kuenzel, RN,DC,NMD,CME
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Your nervous system controls all functions of your body. When the spinal bones are misaligned, the functions of the body are not able to work properly.

When structural misalignment occurs there is reduced energy that flows to the organs and tissues of the body. The misalignment can be caused by an accident, or falls, improper lifting procedures, stress, surgery and improper posture.  The body and spinal column try to compensate for these episodes of trauma.  When the body is unable to compensate, then the body begins to break down.  Many times the body will compensate for years which is generally noted by increased arthritis, stiffness of the spine and decreased function of the organs and tissues of the body.

Pain and disease are not the initial cause, but are actually a key to indicate the presence of nerve interference.  In Chiropractic our goal is to return the structural integrity of spine, joints, and tissues of the body.  When the structural integrity and nerve expression is improved, the body is able to heal in a more natural way.

Chiropractors locate subluxations of the spine and joints of the body, and reduce or correct them through a series of chiropractic adjustments specifically designed to correct the vertebral subluxations in your spine and extremities.  Through modern techniques, the treatments are usually not painful and have been found safe for people of all ages.