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Our office will make nutritional recommendation to assist the body with the healing process.  These recommendations may be in the form of diet, nutritional supplementation, and life style changes.  If supplementation is required we will provide you with knowledge of why this supplementation is necessary.  The nutritional vitamins and neutraceuticals utilized in our chiropractic office are of the highest quality.  This is very important to provide the therapeutic effect required.

Nutri West Nutritional Supplements PictureMany times nutritional supplements purchased in stores do not have exactly what the manufacture lists on the bottle.  That is why we will recommend the higher quality supplements.  Better nutrition equals better health. 

Other recommendations may include herbal formulas and homeopathic formulas.  These are generally taken for short periods of time to assist the body in healing.  Again, our office will only recommend the ones that have proven quality and success in helping conditions like yours.

Companies such as Nutri-West use more than 3,800 raw materials.  The materials used in making these formulations undergo regular and random lab analysis by outside companies to ensure purity and potency of Nutri-West supplements. The typical commercially available products do not follow these strict guidelines and are not formulated to guarantee results.