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A Personal Note To Patients


From the desk of : Dr. Roland Kuenzel 


Dear Patients,

Over the years I have been constantly working on educating myself more in the forms of natural healthcare. Recently , I completed my education and clinicals as a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. Having completed the education, I then sat and passed the National Naturopathic Medical Boards. With this behind me, I did researched into the treatment of weight loss, depression, fatigue, GI problems and female hormones.

My research led me to two mentors, Dr. Dan Kalish DC and the Dr. Charles Gant MD, that have educated me in the treatment of these conditions using natural forms of testing and treatments. The difference between the natural and the medical forms of testing and treatment is instead of looking at a specific condition, like the medical doctor does, our programs look at the patient as a whole person. Both of the doctors mentioned above have found through thousands of patients that the highest success in resolving a multitude of health conditions is through the use of Functional Medicine. The goal of Functional Medicine is to improve the overall health of a patient through the use of education on diet, rest, reduction of stress, nutritional supplementation programs and exercise. By utilizing this method we are able to reduce the stress on our bodies and allow our bodies to heal and improve. Without proper education, rest, nutritional supplementation and the proper amount of exercise for each individual, patient success will be limited. This form of care requires more time on the doctor and patients part to sit down and come up with a program that we believe will work for that patient.

Our office has begun the process and we are seeing great results. We are seeing weight reduction, blood sugars returning to more normal, blood pressures improving, increase energy, a decrease in arthritic complaints, better concentration, a reduction in the use of medications and in general an overall improvement and function in the patients that have begun their individualized programs. This has shown me that medicine may be good for acute conditions or life saving situations but with chronic health conditions our overall lifestyle and the changes we can make will provide the best and safest results.

They say in "Homeopathy" that the body must heal from the inside out for true healing to occur. This is what our program is all about. As the body heals the health complaints or symptoms begin to resolve. "As your body heals the excess weight starts to come off."  So if you are having problems with weight gain, fatigue, GI problems, female hormone problems call us. These are the types of patients we are helping.

In addition to the programs we have begun a monthly free lecture program at the office to help in educating our patients and the general community about Functional Medicine and its benefits. Seats are limited, please check the Ste. Genevieve Herald or our website for dates and topics.

Come join us in our quest to improve your overall health and then see the improvements in your life now and in the future. We are all under a lot of stress simply from the lifestyle, diet, etc. that we have chosen due to lack of education.  Our office is here to assist you with these problems. We all can improve our overall health with a few minor changes. Call our office today to discuss your health problems. We are here for you.

To your health and happiness,

Dr . Roland Kuenzel, RN, DC, NMD