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How can invisible waves of energy be harmful to humans? The question of weather EMF waves are dangerous or not, remains a highly debated item. Cases of primary brain tumors and childhood leukemia have been reported close to high-tension lines and electrical substations. Electrical workers, highway patrolmen and hairdressers claim increase cancers associated with coming in frequent contact with electromagnetic devices. 

Through clinical experience we have found that, there are health effects that can be demonstrated in patients that are highly sensitive to EMF.  We are able to measure this effect by using muscle testing of a patient that is in close proximity to electric machines.  Not all people are highly sensitive.  The effect we see in examination of a patient is decreased muscle strength.  When the EMF is removed from close proximity then muscle strength returns. If EMF is strong enough to cause weakness of muscles, it has further effects when absorbed over a long period of time. Many other health problems may also be caused or worsened by exposure to EMFs. Science is just now scratching the surface in understanding the effects of long-term exposure.

Dr. Brimhall also noted these findings and that patients with chronic symptoms of headaches, neck pain, back pain, fibromyalgia and other health conditions may show clinical improvement when the body is protected from electromagnetic frequencies.  Using specialized magnets, he found that these harmful EMF may be reduced and improved health returned.